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January 22, 1991


San Francisco used to be one of this country's most attractive cities. Songs were written about the ``city by the bay'' and travel brochures featuring this country's most attractive, inviting, picturesque cities usually would have pictures of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown or other well-known landmarks.

One has to wonder, however, if the city continues to hold the same attraction, affection and pride by the majority of Americans.

The city has formally declared itself to be a haven for those who protest against this country's foreign policies. It is known as a haven for demonstrators of all persuasions and sexual preferences and it certainly ranks high in the numbers of those infected by the AIDS virus.

Chances are the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and city boosters wish they could gain back some of the old-time, old-fashioned image of the city rather than its current modern reputation.

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