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January 22, 1991


To the Editor:

Your headline of Jan. 17, ``U.S. determined to finish gulf job,'' sums it up well, however, it also shows America is still operating under several illusions, including: 1. That the ``gulf job'' will ever be finished; 2. That we will be able to maintain a presence there until it is finished, and; 3. That we should be in the gulf area at all.

Now, thanks to the Reagan and Bush administrations and Congress, we can all look smug and self-satisfied to the Arab world who can determine if they prefer our form of aggression and oppression over Saddam's. The rest of the world, too, may soon see our struggle with Saddam was to determine whether we, or he, would be able to subject the Persian Gulf area to their own brand of oppression.

Soon the choice may be: 1. Should the U.S. maintain a presence in the gulf indefinitely so that the Arab world can point the finger at us anytime they don't like the way things are going? or 2. Should we push for a U.N. presence so that the U.N. and for that matter all the other U.N. members can blackmail us in other policy, read that monetary, considerations in order to assure that they will agree to maintain the gulf area status quo to our liking.

Looks like the Japanese have outsmarted us again.

Les Blevins Jr.,

Rt. 1.

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