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January 22, 1991


Raymond Poteet, an executive with a Lawrence financial services firm, has filed as a candidate in this spring's Lawrence school board elections.

"The community has benefited me tremendously, and so it's time to be personally involved instead of just financially involved," Poteet said. "I don't think anything is more important than our children."

Poteet, 43, said he has been attending Lawrence school board meetings since the spring of 1989 and thinks there is a need for some changes.

"It amazed me how they did business, and I thought a concrete business sense could have helped to a great degree," Poteet said. "I think a business sense is always needed when you're talking about the amount of money you've got in the district budget."

POTEET CREATED Alpha and Omega Financial Services in 1979. The firm merged with another company this year, and now Poteet heads the company's life insurance division.

"I also felt that the board was not hearing what the people were saying," Poteet said. "One of the things I'll try to do is listen and then act, not try to make a decision before I hear what the people are saying."

Poteet said November's voter defeat of a proposed school bond issue for building a second high school demonstrates that the board was not in tune with the community.

"WE DO HAVE a student situation to take care of, but the people have said they want it taken care of without a second high school," he said.

Poteet graduated from Kansas University in 1969. He has been in the life insurance business since 1972, the year he and his wife, Imogene, moved permanently to Lawrence.

The couple have three daughters: twins Holly and Heather, juniors at Lawrence High School, and Jodi, who graduated from LHS last year and now attends KU.

A primary in the school board race will be Feb. 26 and the general election will be April 2.

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