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January 20, 1991


Family members, friends and any other interested people may fax messages to soldiers serving in the Persian Gulf.

American Telephone and Telegraph Co. is sponsoring the service allowing faxed information to be sent free of charge to military personnel in Saudi Arabia and surrounding areas. There is no limit to the number of pages that may be sent via fax and information may be faxed as often as the sender wishes.

The service, referred to as "Desert Fax," began almost immediately following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. AT&T; said the fax operation is a one-way service and people should not expect a fax in response from the Middle East.

The process begins at an AT&T; phone center (the nearest is at Oak Park Mall at 95th and Quivira in Overland Park.) The sender must provide the name, rank, social security number, unit or ship, and APO or FPO number of the soldier they wish the message to go to.

The information is faxed to Orlando, Fla., and from there all faxes are sent overnight to Saudi Arabia. Once in the Middle East, the fax is hand delivered to the intended U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine member.

Senders should expect the faxes to take up to 72 hours to be received.

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