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January 18, 1991


A distasteful problem has apparently solved itself, said Roger Coffey, director of the utility department.

For a week, water entering the city water system has not contained the odor or taste that Lawrence residents began noticing in late December, he said.

"I think we are doing well now. Apparently there is nothing out of the ordinary," Coffey said today.

He said the increase in water consumption, due to the return of Kansas University students earlier this week, helped to remove the water from the system.

Officials said the foul-smelling, bad-tasting tap water was first noticed by residents in south and west parts of town, because those areas are served by water from Clinton Lake.

Coffey said the water, drawn from Clinton Lake after a recent release from the reservoir into the Kansas River, was tainted with algae which released substances as it went through the purification process. The substances caused the bad taste and odor. Officials said the water was safe to drink.

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