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January 17, 1991


To the Editor:

To call Pope John Paul II theologically conservative is akin to calling Ten Kennedy a right-winger. His Holiness' theology is firmly evolutionary modernist in the tradition of George Tyrrell and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

To say that there is a shortage of priests in the Catholic Church is to misstate the question. There is, indeed, a shortage of priests in the post-Vatican II "Conciliar" Church. There is, however, no shortage of Catholic priests, and vocations to the priesthood are in good shape. St. Peter's International Seminary in Wigratzbad, Germany, is loyal to the pope and trains priests in the old way, complete with the Latin Tridentine Mass. It is turning men away for lack of space, but most "Conciliar" bishops will not accept its graduates into their dioceses.

Father Georges de Nantes in France has over 50 men trained for the priesthood and loyal to the pope, but he cannot find a bishop to ordain them.

Since his putative "excommunication" in 1988, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre has had to open three new seminaries to accommodate the men who wish to become Catholic priests.

Does this sound as if there is a shortage of priests or of vocations?

However, the whole editorial is beside the point. Regardless of the opinions of so-called "theologians," the subject of priestly ordination is not open to question. Christ, for his own reasons and in a society full of religions which had female priests, chose to ordain only men. No one, be he pope or theologian can change what God has decided. Of course, this dogma of the divine and Catholic faith is no longer believed by many who still call themselves Catholic.

Jovan Weismiller,

940 Conn.

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