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January 5, 1991


Concessions employees at Kansas University next week will begin to stock condoms alongside candy bars and potato chips in residence hall vending machines.

Condoms won't be stocked in vending machines in other campus buildings.

Bob Derby, manager of concessions, said Sheik Elite condoms, which also are available at Watkins Student Health Center, will be sold in packages of three for 50 cents.

"From what I understand, they are one of the highest-rated condoms quality-wise," Derby said. "I think it's a service that is going to be generally welcomed by the student body."

CONDOMS will remain in residence hall machines as long as three stipulations set forth by the KU administration are followed. Derby said condoms will be taken out of machines during the summer months, when minors are on campus attending camps and workshops. And if vandalism becomes a problem or the condoms aren't cost-effective, the condoms will be removed.

"Our department is an income-producing department for the Kansas Union, so they'll have to be cost-effective," Derby said.

Condoms won't be sold in KU scholarship halls, which are smaller than residence halls. Derby said the sales volume in scholarship halls is low, and he said a student senate referendum vote indicated scholarship students didn't want condoms in vending machines.

DERBY SAID he hoped students who don't believe in condoms wouldn't try to sabotage vending machines, which has been a problem at Mankato State University in Minnesota. A group of students there, Students Against Sin, waged a crusade against condom vending machines by breaking the knobs off the machines.

Derby said the KU administration chose to offer condoms in regular vending machines instead of separate machines because condom machines are more frequently vandalized.

"I hope that students who don't believe in this will express their opposition in a form other than vandalism," Derby said. "We want this to be part of the solution and not part of the problem."

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