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January 2, 1991


It's questionable whether drinking and driving is still a popular New Year's Eve pasttime.

But there's no doubt that getting caught for drinking and driving is highly unusual these days.

Lawrence police made four drunken driving arrests from Monday morning until early Tuesday. No other law enforcement agency booked anyone into the Douglas County Jail for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

"It was a busy night as far as routine calls went," Chris Mulvenon, police spokesman, said. He further explained that because police were busy on routine calls, they had little time to make drunken-driving arrests.

Douglas County Sheriff Loren Anderson said he wasn't surprised about the fact that his officers made no arrests. Typically, he said, holidays are a slow time for law enforcement officers.

"We experience that quite often," he said, referring to the New Year's Eve lull, "simply because people are real aware and make arrangements" to avoid driving while intoxicated.

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