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February 27, 1991


You'll probably never see the Douglas County Sheriff's Department offering two 8-by-10 portraits, four 5-by-7s, eight 3-by-5s and two dozen wallet-size photos all for one low price.

But the sheriff's department operates a photo studio and employs a full-time photographer who takes and develops mug shots, photos of crime or accident scenes and other pictures.

Now, the department is looking for someone to fill the job, which will be vacated March 15 when Charlotte Heiserman retires after serving as a sheriff's officer since 1968.

Heiserman actually will be replaced by two people.

County commissioners Monday granted a request by Douglas County Sheriff Loren Anderson to make the photographer's job a new position that will be filled by an employee who is not a deputy.

Anderson said that arrangement will allow the department to get a new photographer and to replace Heiserman with another deputy who will be assigned to the streets.

Anderson said this morning that the deputy's position will be filled by a current, non-deputized sheriff's employee, such as a corrections officer or a dispatcher.

Then, a new employee will be hired to fill the non-deputized position.

Anderson said the county soon will begin advertising for a full-time photographer.

Although the photographer will not be deputized, he or she will work closely with the deputies.

For example, if a crime victim comes to the Law Enforcement Center to report the incident, it's the photographer's job to take photographs of the victim's injuries.

The starting salary for the new photographer is $17,388. A deputy's starting salary is $22,048.

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