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February 26, 1991


After months of delay, a proposal by Wal-Mart to rezone about 26 acres in south Lawrence for construction of a larger store will come before the Lawrence-Douglas Planning Commission Wednesday night.

Wal-Mart wants to build what eventually would be a 150,000-square-foot store on land that is on the west side of Iowa at 33rd Street. A Wal-Mart official has said the company has outgrown the present, 83,000-square-foot store at 27th and Iowa and need a larger building.

Wal-Mart is requesting to rezone about 26 acres from RS-1 (single-family residence), B-2 (general business), and A (agricultural) to PCD-2 (planned commercial development) across Iowa Street from Sonny Hill Motors.

A preliminary development plan also has been submitted and will be considered in conjunction with the rezoning request. (The rezoning and development plan were deferred from the December and January meetings at the request of Wal-Mart.)

THEY also propose that 10.4 acroes of Easy Living Mobile Home Park be rezoned from A (agricultural) to RS-1 (single-family residence). The property is at the southwest corner of the mobile home park, 3323 Iowa St.

Neighbors who live in the Nieder Acres neighborhood just south of the proposed new building have said they oppose the development. The planning staff also opposes the Wal-Mart plan, saying it does not conform to a number of planning documents and has failed to address traffic problems.

John Lungstrum, the attorney representing Wal-Mart, said the plans do conform to planning documents.

A number of reports are expected to be submitted to the planning commission concerning the Wal-Mart request, including traffic and market studies done for both the applicant and the planning staff.

IN OTHER public hearings, planners will consider:

Requests from the public for items to be considered for the Capital Improvements Plan for the City of Lawrence for the years 1992-1997. Project requests may by submitted to the planning office through March 8.

A Conditional Use Permit request to expand the sand pit excavating operation of Penny Concrete. The property generally is north of Township Road 1500E (east 15th Street) in sections 26-12-20 and 35-12-20 along the Kansas River. Requested by Gould-Evans Architects for Richard and Linda Knabe, property owners of record, and Penny Concrete Inc., contract purchaser. (Deferred from the January meeting at the applicant's request.)

A request for conditional use permit by KPL-Lawrence Energy Center for disposal of ash and scrubber effluent from the power plant. The proposed site of about 22.04 acres is about -mile northeast of the intersection of Kasold Drive (extended) and Lakeview Road. Requested by M.L. Brunton, vice president of power production, Kansas Power & Light Co., property owner of record.

A REQUEST for a conditional use permit for a water storage reservoir on about 0.6 of an acre 100 feet southeast of the intersection of Rts. 1029 and 400N. Requested by Brian Barland of Bartlett & West Engineers for Rural Water Distict No. 5, owner of record.

A conditional use permit for a sand dredging operation and sales on a 130-acre tract of land in the east half of section 34-12-20 and in the west half of section 35-12-20. Requested by David Penny, Kaw Sand Co. Inc. and Larry C. Schaake & Schaake Farms Inc., property owners of record.

A request to rezone 10 acres from A (agricultural) to RM-2 (multifamily residence) and rezone 12.28 acres from A (agricultural) to RO-1 (residential-office). The property, recently annexed into the city, is generally on the south side of U.S. Highway 40, east of Pioneer Ridge West No. 2. Requested by Timothy B. Fritzel on behalf of Westgate Properties, property owner of record.

A REQUEST to rezone from RO-2 (residence-office) to PCD-2 (planned commercial development) about 1 acre southwest of Sixth Street and Monterey Way. Requested by Robert B. and Elaine M. Tweed, property owners of record.

Text Amendments to address site plan enforcment concerns. These include an amendment to Section 20-1431 (c), site plan requirements, to require identification of a known vertical and horizontal reference on the site plan and a revision to Article 16, administrative procedures, required permits and fees, to require builders to certify on the bottom of an occupancy permit, prior to its issuance, that the site plan was developed in compliance with the approved site plan and all applicable city codes. Initiated by the planning commission.

On the consent agenda, planners will consider:

A preliminary plat of Four Seasons No. 7, a replat of lots 21-37, Block 10, Four Seasons No. 5. This 22-lot residential subdivision contains about 5.9 acres. It is north of 26th Street between Morningside Drive and Crossgate Drive. Submitted by Paul Werner for Bill Green, property owner of record.

THE FINAL plat of Alvamar Northwest No. 5, a 20-lot residential subdivision containing about 7.1 acres. It is on Carmel Drive south of Alvamar Northwest No. 4, west of Muirfield Addition No. 2. Submitted by Landplan Engineering for GJ&M; Partnership, John M. McGrew, managing partner, and Alvamar Northwest Partnership, Robert G. Billings, managing partner, property owners of record.

The preliminary plat of Tiffany Addition No. 2, a replat of Tiffany Addition. This residential subdivision contains 18 lots and 7.91 acres. The property is east of Monterey Way and north of 14th Street Court. Submitted by Mid-Kansas Engineering Consultants for Donald W. and Phyllis G. Tiffany, property owners of record.

The final plat of Green Meadows Subdivision, a 67-lot residential subdivision containing 38.48 acres. The property is west of Kasold Drive and south of 26th Street. Submitted by EBH & Associates for Abdallah Y. Mobaidin, property owner of record.

THE ANNEXATION of 10.4 acres for Easy Living Mobile Home Park into the city of Lawrence. The property is at the southwest corner of Easy Living Mobile Home Park, 3323 Iowa. Requested by John W. Lungstrum for Charles F. Stone, property owner of record. (Deferred from the December and January meetings at the applicant's request.)

The annexation of 19.43 acres on the west side of Iowa Street south of 33rd Street to the city of Lawrence. Requested by John W. Lungstrum on behalf of Charles F. Stone, C. Eugene Dunigan, Kathleen M. Beaty and Michael & Carol Moddrell, property owners of record. (Deferred from the December 1990 and January meetings at the request of the applicant.)

In miscellaneous new or old business, planners will:

Consider a request from the Lawrence Housing Authority to extend the time period for approval of the final development plan for Seventh and Hickory PRD-1. The plan was approved by the Planning Commission on June 28, 1989, and expired Dec. 28, 1990. A written request for an extention has been received by the planning commission.

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