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February 26, 1991


To the Editor:

The soldiers in the 15th M.I. Bn., 504th Bde., home base Fort Hood, Tex., are now deployed to Saudi Arabia and based on King Fahd International Airport.

Our Zip code changed from 09309 to 09851 due to the move of the unit in charge of the old Zip code. Due to the move, our mail is close to 750 miles away. We have not received mail since the war started and the command has not attempted to make arrangements to pick up the mail that is using the Zip code of 09309.

For us, mail call is sometimes the only contact with home, and it's a major morale boose to the heart and soul to get a letter from home.

If this gets printed, I hope that people can find a way to help us get our mail problem straightened out. Our command does not seem to care if we get our mail or not.

Spec. George W. O'Brien Jr.,

Operation Desert Storm,

HHS 15th M.I. Bn.

APO, N.Y. 09851

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