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February 23, 1991


About 25 Haskell Indian Junior College students met with the college's president Friday to talk about what they called unfair policies concerning off-campus students.

Members of the Off Campus Club told Haskell President Bob Martin that off-campus students should benefit from the same opportunities as on-campus students because all Haskell students pay the same fees.

All students at Haskell, a federally funded two-year school for Native Americans, pay a $25 book fee and a $20 activity fee per semester. Students who live in residence halls pay an additional fee.

Edward A. Burgess, a Haskell Student Senate representative to the club, has been particularly upset about the college's meal policy. Part-time off-campus students are not allowed to eat any meals in the campus cafeteria, and full-time off-campus students only are allowed to eat lunch on weekdays. Only on-campus students are allowed to eat three meals, seven days a week in Curtis Hall.

BURGESS SAID many off-campus students face serious financial difficulties, and he asked Martin to review the meals policy. He told Martin that there are off-campus students who go hungry on weekends. They eat lunch Friday and then do not eat again until lunch Monday, Burgess said.

In response, Martin told members of the Off Campus Club that he would discuss their concerns with members of the college's board of regents during their May meeting. In the interim, Martin said part-time off-campus students enrolled in at least six hours will be allowed to eat one meal a day in the campus cafeteria. The new policy will take effect Monday.

Martin said he also would look into getting full-time off-campus students three meals a day in the cafeteria.

Members of the Off Campus Club also want to receive $10 of each $20 activity fee paid by an off-campus student. The club wants to use money from the fee to sponsor activities of more interest to off-campus students. The $20 fee now is split equally between the Campus Activity Assn., the Indian Leader Assn. and recreational services.

CAROL FRIEMAL, president of the Off Campus Club, said many off-campus students are unable to participate in campus events because they have families.

Friemal said it is difficult to find affordable day care. She would like to see single-family housing on campus, and she asked Martin about the possibility of an on-campus day care.

"We recognize that there's a need, and that is one of our goals," Martin said. "I'm open to suggestions. . . . I think we're committed to working with our off-campus students."

Both Friemal and Burgess said they were encouraged by Martin's presence at the meeting.

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