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February 17, 1991


To the Editor:

Activism has surfaced throughout periods of war in American history.

Colonists that fought in the American Revolution resulted in a legacy of freedoms enjoyed by most, abused by a few. The activist stand was "long live the king." Interesting, if the Revolution activists had reversed the outcome.

My great-grandfather's answer to the question, "were you fighting to free the slaves," was "I was fighting for what I thought was right." Fortunately, it took only one civil war for "right" to prevail. Interesting if the results were reversed.

World War I wasn't an exception, as large numbers marched in favor of isolationism. History supports that America's entry shortened the war and saved lives. Interesting had the marches for isolationism succeeded in keeping America out.

The number of activists didn't diminish before World War II, after Pearl Harbor or after Hitler continued to ravage the land and people. Hitler murdered millions across Europe and gassed millions of Jews. Hitler eliminated "for the good of the fatherland," the crippled, mentally ill, those with venereal disease, those in prisons, gays and others. Have you seen a picture of one of their lampshades made out of human skin? Interesting if WWII activists had kept us out of that war. Us WWII veterans were not media-exposed to any anti-war activity. Had their efforts won, those around today would all be master race blue-eyed blondes.

Did the activists win one? Did their "cause" in the Vietnam War achieve the end that all Americans live with, with honor? Interesting how we and the foreigners on our soil exercise our freedoms to the dullest and still activists emerge to support dictatorships and other forms of government with an "ism" at the end.

The activists have surfaced again, as Americans have chosen to stem the tide of heinous acts of Saddam Hussein. Our freedoms are precious and a majority want to keep our freedoms. The map of the world doesn't need one country, Iraq, one TV station, one newspaper, a single religion, or one color of people. Since the "Jane Fondas" chose a path so they couldn't hear the screams of torture of the Vietnam POWs, how about this time listening to the screams of a live human being, being skinned alive like an animal while Saddam watches.

Some alternatives to marching: volunteer for the front lines; pull down your finger, make a fist and extend your arm and give blood.

Dean Gibson,

1900 La.

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