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February 13, 1991


To the Editor:

The arrogance of the school board and the administration of USD 497 was again demonstrated by the recent and unneeded acquisition of the old Elks Club for its administrative offices. I am sure the price paid for this property ($600,000) shocked the taxpayers of the district when it was learned that the prior owner, within the last few months, had paid $300,000 for the same property. I am sure that the members of the Elks Club wonder where the school board was when they offered the property for sale. One cannot help but wonder how much longer the taxpayers of USD 497 will permit the school board members and the current administration to feed their unsatiable appetite to acquire real estate in the district.

Do any of them ever concern themselves with the cost and the effect on the property taxpayers within this district? At a time when all taxpayers and most government officials are indeed concerned about the property tax costs, USD 497, through its elected representatives and administrators, continue to go on a blind course to see how much money they can spend. It would appear that during these tough times, with the current recession, and the property tax mess in the state of Kansas, they would have some concern for their constituents. Consider if you will the number of purchases that have been made within the last 2 or 3 years. Why did they purchase the property at 1919 Dela. if it was no longer needed for their purposes? Are they trying to become the largest property owner in the district? It was indeed interesting to hear the administrators say ``Well, we offered the owner $50,000 less than he asked.'' One would wonder if maybe the owner made a mistake by not asking $1,050,000, and that way he would have had a profit of 300 percent.

The answer to this problem is clear. Each and every voter within this district must look these incumbents in the eye and say, ``You will no longer be in a position to build an empire with the taxpayers' money.'' It is clearly the time to vote the incumbent rascals out and elect those people who will pledge to us some fiscal sanity and responsibility. No one, I am sure, wants to affect the educational system in Lawrence, Kansas. Recent study has shown that there is no correlation between the money spent and the quality of education received. Maybe the acquisition of the Elks Club will provide a place for the school administrators to sit in their splendor unless, by our votes, we dethrone them so they will not be able to enjoy the fruits of their arrogance.

Dean Burkhead,

2806 Trail Rd.

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