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February 5, 1991


The Traffic Safety Commission on Monday decided against assigning a priority for financing some of the changes recommended by the Sixth Street Task Force.

"They felt that it was not appropriate because the city commission has not voted on those items yet," said Terese Gorman, city engineer.

TSC members set priorities for all but one other request for city pedestrian and bicycle improvements.

The TSC was reviewing applications for city and federal financing of installation of school beacons and construction of sidewalks that are part of the task force recommendations.

The task force was appointed by the city to study traffic and safety on Sixth Street between Maine and Massachusetts streets. The Lawrence City Commission is expected to vote tonight to defer action on the recommendations until their Feb. 26 meeting or later.

THE APPLICATIONS for the Community Development Block Grant funds were submitted by the Pinckney School Parent Teacher Organization and the Pinckney Neighborhood Assn.

The Pinckney groups were requesting total CDBG financing for construction of a sidewalk on the south side of Fifth Street between Maine and Michigan streets. The estimated cost of the sidewalk was $15,000.

They also were requesting CDBG financing for about half the costs of installing flashing beacons on Sixth Street in front of Pinckney School, 810 W. Sixth. Four beacons would cost about $6,400.

The TSC rejected a request by the Oread Neighborhood Assn. for the installation of a pedestrian-activated traffic signal at 17th and Massachusetts streets.

Gorman said TSC members disagreed with the ONA that the signal was necessary. The neighborhood said it was needed to provide safe pedestrian access to commercial areas on the east side of Massachusetts Street to residents of the neighborhood on the west side of the street.

TSC MEMBERS set priorities for the remaining pedestrian and bicycle projects in the following order: Improvement of access to a bike trail on the railroad right of way between 23rd and 29th streets; construction of a bike trail from Lawrence Ave. at 15th Street south to Clinton Parkway at Atchison Avenue; designation of Peterson Road west from Kasold to Martin Park, Monterey Way south from Peterson Road to 12th Street, 12th Street west from Monterey Way to Stone Meadows Drive, and Wellington Road and Steven Drive between Harvard and Lawrence Avenue as Class III bike routes; replacement of asphalt pathways in western South Park.

In other action, the TSC:

Voted against changing speed limits on Kasold from Sixth to 15th streets.

Voted to install stop signs on Mount Hope Court, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida streets at West Second Street.

Voted to install stop signs on North Fourth, North Fifth and North Sixth streets at Lincoln Street.

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