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February 4, 1991


While parents in some school districts complain that military recruiters abuse class rosters given to them by high schools, the problem apparently isn't an issue at Lawrence High School, which doesn't supply such lists.

In January, a week before fighting broke out in the Persian Gulf, the Oakland, Calif., board of education voted unanimously to stop supplying recruiters lists of seniors from its six high schools. School officials were quoted as saying some students had been called as many as 10 times by the same branch of the military despite the fact they had said they weren't interested in enlisting.

Mike Browning, supervisor of student services at LHS, said the school will not provide "a blanket list of names" to military recruiters or anyone else. However, he said, all LHS students have the choice of being listed in a student directory, which is available to the public. The directory includes such information as a student's grade, telephone number, address and gender.

"We stress to the students that the directory is public information. So from that standpoint, they don't get upset if they're contacted by somebody," he said.

Browning said it is common for military recruiters to request a copy of the student directory. No one from Lawrence's Army Recruiting Office could be reached for comment this morning, but Browning said the recruiters appear to use the directory with restraint.

"I haven't heard any horror stories" about recruiters pestering students, Browning said. "Most students complain about getting junk mail and want to know how they got on someone's mailing list. That's the thing we try to avoid by not releasing students' names."

LHS Principal Brad Tate said the student directory, while available to the public, "is not a hot item."

Browning said military recruiters, employers and college representatives are invited to speak to students any time after school hours.

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