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December 10, 1991


To the editor:

I have just finished watching one Pearl Harbor remembrance. They are trying to tell us on one hand that Japan should apologize to us. On the other hand the Japanese say we should apologize for the A-bomb. Hey, that was 50 years ago. Will any apology replace the lives lost?

Some say ``We weren't at war when Japan attacked! We don't like to admit that Cordell Hull ordered Japan to stop fighting China, the traditional enemy of Japan. That and our embargo forced them to attack.

Here we are all American. Indians say we should apologize to them. Blacks say we should apologize to them. Well, I never had one slave, and my great-grandparents were on the Trail of Tears, so I, as an American apologize for nothing I didn't do. I hazard a guess that there are many people walking the streets of Lawrence who unknowingly have white, black and red blood mixed in their veins.

Know and believe. I am American, though I have Creek and Cherokee blood. I'm proud of that heritage. I'm also proud that Indians have become symbols of fighting spirit in college and even pro athletics. I do not mind, in fact I'm proud of the K.C. Chiefs and the tomahawk chop. I don't feel they're stealing one bit of my Indian heritage. They're making it live!

I've very tired of people who would have be flog myself for what happened 50, 100 or even 2,000 years ago. I will not apologize for the crucifixion of Christ. I glory in the fact that He did allow Himself to be born and die for me, but I did not take part at his execution. I will not apologize to England for running them out of America. I was not in the Gulf, but if I was, I wouldn't apologize. I don't believe vets of Korea or Vietnam need to apologize.

Isn't it time Americans stop bashing Americans and become ``one nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all''? I truly believe if we did so, our big national debt would vaporize and we would again become a respected world neighbor.

Bud Nation,

Rt. 1, Box 216AA.

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