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August 30, 1991


To the Editor:

When I returned Sunday from three days in Wichita, doing my own coverage of the abortion controversy there, I found that part of my statement had been omitted in a Journal-World article that ran on Saturday. On page 3A, the quote is "Abortion is really an atrocity." I also had said, "Abortion is tearing the arms and legs off an intrauterine child, or injecting poison into the child's heart." The editor left out that part of the quotation.

Although I don't regard this omission as a major problem in itself, I am complaining because it exemplifies a chronic and widespread failure of our media in reporting this issue. This failure is that the media cannot seem to admit that abortion mutilates a human body. Media coverage of abortion is like a book on Nazi Germany that never mentions the death camps.

Should anyone deny that abortion mutilates a human body, I challenge him to watch a ten-minute video, just released this year, called "The Hard Truth," which I would be willing to loan. I learned this weekend that this video is part of what motivated people in Wichita to take the abortion battle to the streets. "The Hard Truth" may be to the anti-abortion movement what "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was to the anti-slavery movement.

I suspect that if every reporter and editor covering abortion would see this video, our news would look a lot different.

Joe Gilman,

2908 Stratford Rd.

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