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August 25, 1991


To the Editor:

There were two disturbing articles in the Aug. 19 Journal-World. One concerned the hospital and the other the county administration.

We pay a pretty fair salary to the administrator of our hospital. Now we read a firm from Tennessee will be paid $85,000 to tell us whether to conduct a survey on how to use our hospital. What is an administrator for?

We pay a pretty fair salary to a county administrator and a county engineer. Now we read we are to pay a consultant for the South Lawrence Trafficway (which really is a two-lane street around Lawrence). He will get $50,000 a year. What is a county engineer for? What is a county administrator for?

Have we hired people who are incapable of doing their jobs? The funding available for our great SLT won't cover the cost of the project anyway, and now we're hiring someone to manage it. Manage something we've not enough money to build?

Bud Nation,

Rt. 1.

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