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August 17, 1991


Q. What should KU's top priorities be for the coming year

"Our priorities for the University of Kansas must be a far more competitive wage for our faculty and staff, which is vital to effective recruitment and retention; enhanced funding for OOE (other operating expenses), which is basic to the realization of our teaching and research objectives; and acceleration of our plan to replace Hoch Auditorium, which is essential to our instructional and library missions."

Jake Gordon

Associate professor of African and African-American studies and director of the Center for Black Leadership Development and Research

"Effective teaching, especially for our undergraduates. I call that investment in America's future."

Caryl Smith

Dean of student life and associate vice chancellor for student affairs

"Other than finances, I think there's the ongoing concern about how we keep the campus community a community. The connectedness of community is important to everyone. How do we help all students to feel connected, to be involved and to be comfortable enough to accomplish what they came here for?"

Jacqueline Davis

Director of KU's Concert, Chamber Music and New Direction Series

"The obvious first priority has to be quality education. But along with that, I think for me it's to foster an environment where an understanding and an interest in a variety of ideas is accepted and encouraged, including an interest in different cultures."

Del Shankel

Executive vice chancellor and professor of microbiology and biochemistry

"First of all, we're approaching a time in higher education when the market for faculty and staff is going to be increasingly competitive. It's going to be very important for us to offer competitive salaries for our faculty and staff so that we'll be able to attract quality people and keep quality people.

"Second, we have to shore up the funds we have and obtain funding to remain competitive. And of course, another thing is (addressing) the difficulty we'll have meeting our teaching obligations with Hoch being destroyed by fire."

Barbara Ballard

Associate dean of student life and director of the Emily Taylor Women's Resource Center

"How to deliver quality services on less money. I mean all of us, all of our units have had to return money. The task is try to effectively run your office and deliver as many services as you can without having the necessary resources. Student services are extremely important. I think we're really going to have to prioritize the services we really think are important.

"Other things that come to mind are what are we going to do without the use of Hoch? I think people have to get really creative. Also, I think morale will be a big one the morale of people who work here on a day-to-day basis."

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