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April 24, 1991


To the Editor:

The "pocket" area east of Monterey Way to Randall Road and between Highway 40 and Harvard Road has been selected as one of several areas to be moved to another school assignment under a proposal by the USD 497 school board committee. We wish to strongly protest this proposal that would relocate our neighborhood children for the upcoming academic year.

Many of these children have been redistricted before and would face a move for the second time in three years. In fact, several students would find themselves in their third school in the last four years this fall, even though they have remained in the same residence the entire time. Despite school board police 603.2, we have been led to believe the possibility of the school board removing our parental option to refuse our students' transfer exists. Our neighborhood children are now well-adjusted at Quail Run and are active in many school functions, as well as PTO-endorsed activities such as scouting. We have always been told that students are our No. 1 concern in USD 497. It appears that this current proposal may be good for one or two years. If this is the case, will our neighborhood once again become the "wildcard" in the game of elementary school reshuffling? Or will other neighborhoods be faced with the same dilemma that we are currently facing?

There are several young children in our area who will be attending kindergarten either this year or next year. What kind of a start will this be for these youngsters if they attend one school for a year or two and then are redistricted to yet another attendance center where space is made by shifting others or simply where space is available at the moment?

We find this proposed boundary change to be another Band-Aid approach to the overcrowding of Lawrence public schools. Long-range planning is the solution to this problem. People want and deserve the neighborhood school concept.

Rich and Patti Bailey,

1015 Lakecrest Rd.

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