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April 24, 1991


The third time was a charm for the city commission in deciding what the speed limit should be along a stretch of Kasold.

At their meeting Tuesday, commissioners voted 3-1 to set 35 mph as the speed limit on Kasold between 15th and Harvard, putting to rest a question that had bounced like a hot potato for months between the city commission, city staff and the Traffic Safety Commission.

Commissioner Bob Schulte voted against the change, saying the speed limits on Kasold north of Harvard and south of 15th also should be considered and made consistent with other speed limits along the street.

"At the risk of opening a can of worms," he said, "it occurs to me there are quite a few different speed limits along the road. . . . Personally, I'd rather see it 35 mph along this entire stretch."

But the street's highway-like characteristics at each end of town would make such a plan impractical, said Commissioner Bob Schumm.

"THAT STREET takes on a lot of different characteristics," he said. "It's out in the country on the south and out in the country on the north and then you go through a residential area, you go through a commercial area . . . ."

Mayor Bob Walters reminded the commission that the issue had "been revisited several times now.

"One of the items I think people felt very strongly about was that there was no transition from 40 mph to 30 mph."

The commission was discussing the issue again because the TSC's recommendation to set a uniform 35 mph speed limit came without a unanimous vote. City commission policy is to review such non-unanimous recommendations.

The commission had considered a previous TSC recommendation to leave the speed limits as they were. Currently, the speed limit is 30 mph from Sixth to just south of 13th, where it changes to 40 mph.

BUT AFTER hearing from residents of the area who were concerned about the inconsistency in speed limits and safety issues, the city commission referred the question back to the TSC with guidelines on how to study it.

Schumm said TSC members told him the dissenting TSC vote on the recommendation to make a uniform 35 mph speed limit was because of concern that the change would further confuse motorists who regularly drive the stretch.

The request to change the speed limits initially was raised by a resident concerned that the abrupt change in speed limits made it tough to navigate the stretch without violating speed limits. His request had been to make the speed limits uniform or to improve the marking of the speed limits.

Commissioner Shirley Martin-Smith was absent from the meeting.

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