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April 21, 1991


Today's Journal-World may be filled with the latest stories, but the paper it's printed on is old paper recycled newsprint.

The Journal-World printed today's 12-page Earth Day special section and the regular Sunday newspaper all on recycled newsprint.

Dallas Dolan, J-W production manager, said this is the first time the newspaper has used recycled newsprint. The company purchased the newsprint from Stone Container Corporation's Snowflake Mill in Snowflake, Ariz.

Recycled newsprint is fairly difficult to obtain now because few mills are producing it, Dolan said. And, he said, the price is somewhat higher than regular newsprint.

However, Dolan said many paper mills are being built with newsprint recycling facilities.

"Most mills in the recycling business are putting their facilities where there is plenty of waste newsprint available," Dolan said. Most of the mills handling recycled newsprint today are in the southeast, he said.

Dolan said that as technology for recycling paper becomes better, more papers could be printed on recycled paper.

He also said the Journal-World ships about 20,000 pounds of paper every 10 days to a Wellsville recycling company that makes insulation from paper products.

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