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April 19, 1991


— The future of development at Perry Lake lies partially in the hands of community members, 36 of whom signed in at a meeting Thursday to discuss the planning process.

Representatives from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers presented a draft master plan for the lake and sought public comment and recommendations Thursday afternoon at Perry Community Hall. Lorrie Beck, outdoor recreation planner with the corps, said those who attended the meeting were enthusiastic about reviewing the draft and providing input.

"It was interesting because there were people there when we got there," she said. ". . . There was a lot of definite interest about some of the proposals on the plan."

BECK SAID one proposal that received a great deal of attention was a suggestion to close a section of road that trails out of Rock Creek and heads into the state park area. The proposal was approved at the corps' 1983 meeting, but the road still is open. She said public opposition to closing the road will be taken into consideration in the final plan.

A number of "plates" or maps that illustrate proposals in the draft are on display through next week at the park office at Perry Lake. Beck said the public is encouraged to review the plates and submit both concerns and positive observations to the park office by May 17.

"The comments will be put in the draft master plan and it'll go to the division office in Omaha and come back to us with their comments," Beck said.

AT THAT time, corps engineers will approve the master plan, which will guide future operation, management and development of Perry Lake. The plan should be finalized by Sept. 30, the end of the fiscal year, Beck said.

The plan will offer suggestions and in no way forces lake officials to carry out everything included in the document, Beck said. Although the plan might authorize particular projects, the availability of funding and the priorities of lake officials will play a role in determining which projects to pursue.

"Some of it is just a wish list for making things cost efficient and nicer for visitors," she said.

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