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April 17, 1991


Lawrence police early today chased a 16-year-old Topeka boy from downtown Lawrence to Shawnee County, where the boy wrecked the car he was driving and surrendered to authorities.

Sgt. Kevin Harmon, Lawrence police spokesman, said Sgts. Ron Dalquest and Richard Nickell were on patrol about 1:30 a.m. when they noticed a car traveling the wrong way in the 600 block of Vermont, which is a one-way, southbound street at that point.

When Dalquest and Nickell drove toward the car, Harmon said, the driver immediately began "making evasive maneuvers" and sped away.

Dalquest and Nickell chased the car, which traveled north out of Lawrence to U.S. Highway 24.

Harmon said that because traffic was light, Dalquest and Nickell stayed well behind the car and did not chase the vehicle at high speeds. They tracked the car by watching its taillights and called ahead to Shawnee County authorities.

A Shawnee County Sheriff's Department dispatcher said this morning that deputies were waiting for the car when it arrived at the county line. Deputies chased the car to the junction of U.S. Highway 75, where the driver accidentally drove off the road. The dispatcher said the driver got out of the car and ran away, but surrendered minutes later after he was sighted by officers flying in a Topeka Police Department helicopter.

Harmon said authorities believe the boy may have stolen the car from a Kansas City area automobile dealership.

Further information about the youth was unavailable this morning.

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