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April 3, 1991


A slightly higher-than-expected voter turnout failed to slow the vote counting Tuesday night at the Douglas County Courthouse.

The final, unofficial turnout of 12,628 county voters, or 38.5 percent of those registered, didn't extend the counting process of County Clerk Patty Jaimes and other election workers. The counting was completed at 8:35 p.m., an hour and 35 minutes after polls closed.

Mrs. Jaimes, who predicted a turnout of 32 percent to 37 percent, said she was pleased with the showing at the polls but wasn't exactly sure why the turnout exceeded her forecast.

"I think possibly the Eudora precincts might have voted heavier than usual because of that school issue," she said. The Eudora school board race focused on possible plans to raze the current high school building.

"We had a record number of people voting absentee," she said, "but those persons normally would have gone to the polls anyway."

The Lawrence turnout of 8,947 voters, or 35.7 percent, was lower than the county-wide figure.

The votes will be canvassed at 9 a.m. Friday in the commission meeting room at the courthouse by the Douglas County Commission. The final results will include two challenged ballots, Mrs. Jaimes said.

Tuesday's vote counting was minus the problem that plagued the Feb. 26 primary election when human error resulted in some ballots being counted twice. Mrs. Jaimes took painstaking steps to prevent a repeat performance.

"We went through the procedure very carefully, we re-read the manual, and I looked at the printouts very close tonight before they went out to the news media," she said.

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