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September 22, 1990


Census appeals are in the mail from Lawrence, Baldwin, Eudora and Lecompton.

Officials from the four cities in Douglas County think their cities have been undercounted in the preliminary federal census report. Their appeals to the U.S. Census Bureau challenge the bureau's count of housing units and the number of people living in group quarters. Cities are not allowed to appeal the preliminary population figure itself.

Baldwin's preliminary number of housing units was 754. The number submitted in its appeal was 956, said City Administrator Rick Shain. The city also added 164 to its population in group quarters, which include Baker University and a nursing home.

Eudora officials increased their housing unit total to 1,146, said City Clerk JoAnn Becker. The preliminary housing count was 955.

Lecompton increased its housing unit count from 127 to 186. City Clerk Susie Hackathorn said the number might be larger, because city records show 200 residential water bills.

All three appeals follow the preliminary census report that showed the cities having a decreased number of housing units from 1980 to 1990.

Lawrence also appealed its housing unit and group quarter population totals, although the 1990 preliminary figures showed increases from 1980.

The Lawrence appeal adds 141 housing units to its preliminary count of 25,615 for a total of 25,756, said Diane Mullens of the Lawrence-Douglas County Planning office. The city also argues that the population count in group quarters was low by 1,483, said David Guntert, city planner.

Lawrence's preliminary population was put at 64,766 by census officials, an increase of 12,028 people from 1980's count of 52,738.

The city officials said they were not sure when they would learn the result of their appeals. Guntert said the Census Bureau must have its final report to President Bush by Dec. 31.

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