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October 24, 1990


To the Editor:

During 36 years in law enforcement, parents of kids in trouble always asked me "what could I have done differently?"

Here's one answer. Vote yes for the school bond issue.

I'm real disappointed when people put their own desires ahead of their children. They are still worrying about tax dollars instead of what's best for kids. If you own a $60,000 home, it's going to cost you about $5 a month. People throw away more than that on beer and cigarettes.

Anyone who thinks it isn't crowded at Lawrence High should visit. Due to my observation, I think we are at the limit. We're lucky something hasn't happened already, let alone in a year or two when it's even more crowded. It doesn't take a very big incident to create a big problem when a place is too crowded.

With smaller schools, teachers are more likely to get to know your child. When you are nameless and faceless in a large school, it's too easy to cause trouble because chances are nobody is around who knows your name.

I campaigned 40 years ago to get the current high school built. Now I think it's time to move on and build a second high school.

There's probably no bigger sports fan than me. But I believe even with two high schools Lawrence can remain real champions on and off the football field.

Rex D. Johnson,

Rt. 5.

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