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October 24, 1990


To the Editor:

I am categorically in favor of progress. I am selectively in favor of change. I am in favor of the reduction of crowding in any level of our educational facilities. I am in favor of enhancing education for all children, and for paying for that enhancement. I may even be in favor of a second high school.

I am, however, opposed to:

Overtaxing my neighbors.

Building a swimming pool in the name of education.

Selecting a managing contractor without the bidding process.

Determining the cost of a project based solely on an architect's estimation.

Soft-shoeing past real concerns regarding the expense and availability of football stadium facilities.

Not being up front about the total tax burden that will be generated.

Concealing the strong likelihood that the state will increase our educational taxes by more than 10 mills in the near future.

Threatening the public with ridiculous alternative measures in order to bully through this bond.

Spending taxpayers money in the initial advertising drive for this bond.

Placing pressure on school faculty and administration to not speak their minds on this issue.

Not making it perfectly clear to the voting public that this bond guarantees the implementation of the move of ninth grade to the high school without further public input.

I am against this particular school bond issue.

Aaron Blosser,

1226 Conn.

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