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October 24, 1990


To the Editor:

Four practical points to ponder as we get ready to vote on the school bond issue on Nov. 6.

1. Unified School District 497 has more students enrolled now than ever before. All enrollment projections predict a significant continued increase in the number of students to be enrolled in the future. We have 8,824 students now. A conservative projection relates we'll have at least 10,500 students by September 1995.

Point 1: More students cause more school facilities to be needed.

2. Most of the student growth will be at the secondary level because of the larger numbers of elementary students moving up into the junior and senior high schools beginning particularly in September 1991 and into the future. The enrollment of grades seven through 12 this September was 3,675. In September 1995, these same grades will have 4,621 students enrolled.

Point 2: If most of the student growth will be at the secondary level then most of the new facilities need to be for the secondary students. All of the secondary schools are very close to or have reached their student enrollment capacity.

3. I believe we will be able to provide more education facilities at much lesser cost now than if we wait and do the building seven to 10 years from now. How many of us wish we had purchased our homes or business buildings 10 years earlier than we did?

Point 3: We can provide new school facilities for significantly less cost today than we can 10 years from now.

4. I believe the Lawrence community will continue to grow. We have good conservative student enrollment projections for the next five to seven years which show the definite need for additional school facilities. If our enrollment will be 10,500 students by 1995, what's to stop it from being 11,000 to 12,000 students by the year 2000.

Point 4: If we believe the community will continue to grow after 1995, then the need for more educational facilities becomes even more renessary.

I'm voting yes for the school bond issue on Nov. 6.

Kenneth E. Fisher,

2808 Maine Ct., former

school business manager.

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