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October 23, 1990


To the Editor:

As the city of Lawrence and its media recover from the excitement and bask in feelings of friendship left by the Russian visit, it is perhaps useful to realize that there were some rotten apples in the barrel. Some of the members of the delegation were direct descendants of the high-ranking members of the old Soviet nomenklatura, the underlings of Stalin, who attained and maintained their positions through participation in atrocities and crimes against humanity comparable only to those that took place at the hands of the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. Being brought up in luxury and wealth accessible to the nomenklatura, in spite of their possible best intentions, these delegates could not in good faith represent any living Russian of good will. Their visit in Lawrence was an extra diversion provided by the infamous notoriety of their fathers. Their presence here was an insult to the memory of their fathers' innocent victims.

Pawel Szeptycki,

1656 Hillcrest Rd.

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