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October 23, 1990


Housing rates would increase next year at Kansas University if the Kansas Board of Regents adopts a fee schedule proposed Monday by the Residential Programs Advisory Board.

Ken Stoner, director of student housing, said the increases are standard, inflationary increases that would be used to cover the increased cost of renovations, food service and utilities.

The student housing office submits its fee proposal every October, Stoner said. Most of the increases, he said, are in line with fee increases from past years.

Students living in KU residence halls now pay $2,496 per academic year for a double occupancy room and $3,120 for a single room. Fees for the 1991-92 academic year will increase by 7.5 percent to $2,684 for a double room and by 7.4 percent to $3,351 for a single room if the proposal is adopted.

HASHINGER HALL residents now pay $2,600 for a double room and $3,224 for a single room. Under the new fee schedule, next year they would pay $2,783 for a double room and $3,450 for a single room, a 7 percent increase for each.

Stoner said fees for Hashinger usually run about $100 more than other residence halls because the Center for Creative Arts is housed in Hashinger.

There would be a $3 increase, $728 to $731, for students living in Miller and Watkins scholarships halls, which do not provide board. Rates at all other scholarship halls would rise by 5.3 percent from $1,984 to 2,090.

Jayhawker Towers residents would pay about 7.8 percent more in rent next year. The two-bedroom apartments are now $5,216 for single occupancy, $2,608 per tenant for double occupancy and $1,304 per tenant for quadruple occupancy.

The fees for 1991-92 would be $5,624 for single occupancy; $2,812 per tenant for double occupancy and $1,406 per tenant for quadruple occupancy.

Stoner said most of the apartments are shared by four students.

THE BIGGEST increase for next academic year would be at Sunflower Apartments on Missouri Street north of Memorial Stadium, units that are available to KU faculty and staff. The monthly rate for the two-bedroom apartments is now $295.

The advisory board recommended an 18.6 percent increase to $350 for 1991-92. Stoner said the increase is largely due to installation of central heat and air.

He said an explanation for the increase would accompany the proposal when it is forwarded to the regents.

Families living in Stouffer Place Apartments now pay $170 a month for one bedroom and $195 for two bedrooms. They would pay $187 and $215 next year, an increase of 10 percent and 10.3 percent respectively.

Stoner said the proposed fee schedule will be forwarded to David Ambler, vice chancellor for student affairs, who will submit it to KU's finance committee. After a review by Chancellor Gene Budig, the schedule must be submitted to the regents by Nov. 1.

Stoner said the regents will vote on the fee increases in December.

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