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October 4, 1990


It's encouraging that Lawrence grocery stores have joined the environmental bandwagon and are making a conscious effort to help reduce waste.

Most grocery stores now offer customers the choice of paper or plastic sacks, and some even reward customers who reuse their own sacks and canvas bags. Many stores also have recycling collection sites and designate recyclable items throughout the store.

Such consciousness in the business world is a welcome contribution, but the same companies that are touting environmentally progressive policies should take a closer look at their own environments.

Despite the paper or plastic choice, grocery store clerks often fail to ask customers if they want paper or plastic and automatically begin to sack groceries in plastic bags.

What's worse is watching a clerk throw away a slightly crumpled but perfectly usable plastic bag when a customer says "I'd actually like paper."

The clerks simply need to return the unused plastic bags to the shelf and wait for the next customer who prefers plastic.

Giving customers a chance to be environmentally friendly while shopping is defeated when grocery clerks fail to ask the simple "Would you like paper or plastic?"

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