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October 3, 1990


Douglas County residents will receive a slight break in their 1990 property tax bills that will be mailed next month.

The combined mill levy for most Lawrence residents will be 124.72, county budget director Darlene Hill announced today, a decrease of 1.08 mills from the 1989 levy of 125.80. The final levies are 26.42 mills for the city of Lawrence, 27.24 mills for the county, 69.56 mills for the Lawrence school district and 1.5 mills for the state.

A mill is $1 of tax for every $1,000 of assessed property valuation.

The difference in total levies from 1989 to 1990 primarily came in the city levy. In 1989, the city mill levy was 30.33, but it decreased 3.91 mills because of the new half-cent city sales tax increase that took effect Monday.

The school district levy increased 2.72 mills from last year's levy of 66.84, mainly to cover increasing enrollment and to compensate for decreasing motor vehicle tax collections.

The county levy increased only .11 because commissioners held firm on a pledge to keep their 1991 budget in line with the 1990 budget. The increase is attributed to higher out-district tuition payments for Douglas County students attending junior colleges.

The state levy of 1.5 mills remained the same.

To calculate a tax bill, people should multiply the assessed value of their home by .12472, the decimal equivalent of the total levy in Douglas County. That will give the tax bill in dollars.

For example, a home appraised at $80,000 would have an assessed value of $9,600. To compute the assessed value of residential property, multiply the appraised value $80,000, in the example by 12 percent, which is the rate at which residential property is assessed.

In the example, when the $9,600 is multiplied by the .12472 levy, the total tax bill is $1,197.31, or $10.37 less than last year.

The tax bills are computed on $341,233,198, the total valuation amount for the county. Last year that amount was $326,986,052.

The tax bills will be mailed in mid-November. Taxpayers will have until Dec. 20 to pay at least the first half of their tax bill. The second half will be due on June 20, 1991.

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