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November 9, 1990


In one week, Lawrence has gone from a dry October to a moist November, and come within about half an inch of the average annual rainfall total.

The 0.18 of an inch of rain that fell Wednesday, along with the 0.26 of an inch from Thursday, increased Lawrence's precipitation total for the month to 3.04 inches, well ahead of November's average rainfall of 1.98 inches. The precipitation, which included sleet and snow Sunday, brought the city's 1990 total to 36.27 inches, or 0.54 of an inch less than the yearly average of 36.81.

Brian Morray, executive director of the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service for Douglas County, said that the recent rains should benefit the winter wheat crop, which was planted in dry soil last month. Lawrence received only 0.57 of an inch of rain in September and 2.55 inches in October, both below-average amounts.

"The three inches we've had now won't have any detrimental effects on wheat unless it's in a low-lying area," he said. "There could be a period of time when another inch would be all we could utilize, but any rainfall, unless it floods, will not have an adverse effect on our wheat."

Morray said he had received reports that the winter may be wetter and cooler than normal. November is the first of four consecutive months that average less than two inches of rain. The average amounts for the other winter months are 1.44 inches for December, 1.11 inches for January and 1.25 inches for February, for a total of 5.78 inches during the four-month period.

Rain is not part of the weekend forecast, according to the Kansas University Weather Service.

The high temperatures for the next four days should be in the 60s. A high of 67 degrees is expected for tomorrow's KU football game against Nebraska.

The low temperatures should be in the 30s through the four-day period.

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