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November 3, 1990


To the Editor:

The voters of Lawrence are faced with the decisions about whether or not to build a second high school. We know that the students are here and we must find some solution to the problem.

As many as five different solutions have been suggested, including two high schools, a mid-high/senior high on two campuses, a mid-high/senior high on one campus, one giant high school on the current campus or an additional junior high and a very, very large high school. It is very difficult for a majority to reach consensus on one solution. If each individual decides to hold firmly to his or her own preference, there will obviously never be majority support for any one of the five options.

It has, therefore, become obvious to me that we must review and strongly consider the value of the democratic process. We elect officials to represent us. It is their responsibility to be alert to the needs of the district, study the issues and the facts, listen to the voters and then present a proposal which best meets the needs of the community. The process that the current board of education has used is sound. Board members have not been in a hurry. They have collected patron and professional input on virtually every decision. They have now presented a proposal for a second high school.

As a former board member myself, I urge you strongly to vote YES for the second high school, vote YES for the future of Lawrence and vote YES for confidence in the democratic process which allows us to make reasonable and rational long-range decisions.

Richard Holzmeister,

2921 Topeka Lane.

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