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November 1, 1990


Kansas State University is experiencing some problems caused by a lack of planning and coordination concerning student recruitment, enrollment totals and various funding programs. Consequently, university officials took the initiative, studied the situation and made some tough decisions on how to live within the school's budget and maintain the basic academic structure of the university.

President Jon Wefald announced several departments might be eliminated or merged. Almost immediately, many students and faculty members started to protest the possible actions.

One student protestor was quoted as saying, "He (Wefald) has no business messing with the education I've paid for."

This is the militant, cocky, know-it-all attitude that is far too prevalent on college campuses these days. The college chancellor or president is the individual assigned the responsibility of running the institution. He or she operates at the pleasure of the Kansas Board of Regents, but the chancellor or president is the boss.

Unfortunately, too many on too many campuses want to have the schools run by committee and consensus. Year by year, they are trying to emasculate the chancellors and presidents so they are nothing more than a symbol. It is a dangerous situation and one of the primary reasons there is so much turnover in the offices of university presidents and chancellors. Who wants to put up with the pressures and conditions faced by college presidents these days?

A top-flight university needs a top-flight chief administrator who is able to administer in a strong, positive manner. Jon Wefald has every right, as well as the responsibility to "mess" with the Kansas State University academic program and the fiscal soundness of the school.

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