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November 1, 1990


To the Editor:

Some opponents of the south Lawrence trafficway proposal claim it will cause major increases in truck traffic by diverting truck traffic from the Kansas Turnpike. I checked this out and nothing could be further from the truth.

In 1986 the Turnpike Authority commissioned a consultant study of this issue and in its report on Dec. 30, 1986, the consulting firm, Vollmer Associates of New York, N.Y., concluded that a two-lane trafficway would have the effect of diverting only 1.5 percent of the trucks and 3 percent of the cars from the turnpike. A four-lane road will attract a similar amount of traffic.

The KTA would not be supporting the trafficway if they thought it was going to cause them to lose significant revenue. They have a duty to their bondholders and they have studied this issue.

Do those who claim that the trafficway will attract trucks really think its better to have trucks loaded with hazardous and nonhazardous cargos driving through the most densely populated areas of our community on 23rd Street and Iowa? Do they think we were born yesterday? I intend to vote ``Yes'' on the south Lawrence trafficway and I hope you do too. Let's do something positive about our traffic congestion problems instead of talking about it.

Sharon J. Rose,

815 Mich.

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