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November 1, 1990


— It took a backhoe, a jackhammer and a lot of muscle, but the brass, copper and concrete sculpture of pioneer Sam Peppard and his wind wagon now is in place at Old Jefferson Town, a historic village here.

The piece had been a gift from Louise Barker to her husband, the late Dr. Roger Barker, on their 50th wedding anniversary. The couple donated the sculpture to the Jefferson County Historial Society in 1989. The piece depicts the legendary Peppard and his wind wagon being swept into the air by a tornado.

Bill Rhodes, Jefferson County commissioner and member of the historical society, helped move the sculpture Wednesday from Mrs. Barker's back yard in Oskaloosa to its designated spot at Old Jefferson Town. He said this morning that the sculpture weighed at least a ton. Workers dug it up with a backhoe and used a jackhammer on the concrete base to lighten the load, he said.

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