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November 1, 1990


To the Editor:

A seasons political campaigner in another city once told me that the way to defeat questions taken to the electorate is to make numerous exaggerated claims in advertisements and news releases, preferably late in the campaign, so they cannot be refuted. The wilder the claims, he added, the better. The result will be confusion. When voters are confused, they vote No.

Based on what I have seen and heard lately, some naysayers in Lawrence have discovered the political campaigner's dictum. When called on their exaggerations if not downright falsehoods they shrug their shoulders and walk away. When asked to correct their misstatements, they refuse. My hope is that the voters of Lawrence recognize the naysayers and their antics.

In contrast, when Prof. Mulinazzi, a nationally recognized authority on civil engineering, says the south Lawrence trafficway and the eastern parkway are essential to lessen the growing congestion on 23rd Street and adjacent streets, I believe him. When Mike Amyx and others report that my cost to finance these badly needed roads is only $5 a year, I believe them. While I pay $5 a year, the state and federal government contribute millions of dollars.

Lawrence must not be distracted by those with insatiable appetites for herring red herring!

I hope that Lawrence voters send a clear message to naysayers by voting Yes for roads!

Tim Bengtson,

2701 Lawrence Ave.

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