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November 1, 1990


To the Editor:

Lawrence has steadily grown in size and population over the last several decades. Being located between the Kansas City-Olathe and Topeka metropolitan areas will insure its continued growth. It is important for those of us who live and work in the Lawrence community to be able to travel safely and expediently with cars as well as with other vehicles needed in business and agriculture without disrupting residential areas.

With the opportunity to vote for the south Lawrence trafficway, Lawrence and Douglas County residents are being given a one-time opportunity to buy $41 million dollars worth of new roads for a total local investment of $4.7 million. This does not involve any new taxes.

With the opportunity to vote for the eastern parkway, Lawrence residents will be given an opportunity to invest $4 million locally towards a $10.5 million project.

Local funding for the eastern parkway will cost a Lawrence taxpayer an additional $4.70 a year (based on a $75,000 home value). County taxpayers living outside of Lawrence will have no tax increase.

If Lawrence residents vote down the eastern parkway, they will pass up an excellent opportunity to acquire $6.5 million of outside funding to benefit the community.

Please vote yes for both the south Lawrence trafficway and the eastern parkway.

Roger C. Pine,

Rt. 4.

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