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November 1, 1990


To the Editor:

The reality of traffic congestion and the need to reduce it are not in question. The issue is whether the proposed trafficway will significantly reduce congestion on city streets. The only available hard data say ``no.''

The trafficway was delineated without benefit of a traffic study to guide the choice of appropriate means to reduce the congestion it purported to relieve. The 1986 Kansas Department of Transportation origin and destination study of Lawrence traffic revealed that the project was misconceived, for it showed that congestion occurred on 23rd Street because the overwhelming proportion of K-10 traffic sought destinations along 23rd Street between Louisiana and Iowa; or north of it on the KU campuses; or in the commercial and industrial area east of Massachusetts between Sixth and 19th streets. The current volume of traffic is greater than that tabulated in 1986, but there is no evidence of alteration in the distribution pattern within the city.

Clearly then, any of these vehicles the trafficway may divert from 23rd Street can only be aggregated a few blocks farther south to be released across 23rd Street there further to congest intersections at Haskell Avenue, Louisiana and Iowa streets.

A misconceived project remains a misconceived project even if money is in hand to finance it.

William J. Griffith,

818 Broadview Dr.

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