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November 1, 1990


To the Editor:

The pay raise passed last November by our duly elected representatives in Washington, D.C., was unconscionable. We have had an entire year to get good and steamed up about this. Were the Congress and Senate representing our wishes when they voted themselves a 40 percent raise during an era of unprecedented budget deficits? If it costs so much to live in Washington and serve their contituents, perhaps they should consider coming back home where the cost of living isn't so high.

In 1991 the average congressman will earn a package worth in excess of $350,000. Besides an annual salary of $125,000, he will receive free medical care, free postage, free global travel, free parking and taxi fare, free subscriptions and more. One would think that a person accepting over $100,000 per year of money taken out of our hard-earned tax dollars would be able to pay for his own health care and newspaper subscriptions.

Some members of Congress have made a big deal about the fact that they didn't vote for the pay raise. Don't pay too much attention to this. Anyone who voted ``no'' knew darned good and well that enough of his fellow rogues in Congress would vote ``yes'' to get the bill passed.

By allowing the present congressperson to stay in office, we are sending him a non-verbal message that we countenance his nefarious actions. Possibly the next one to be elected won't do a better job, but let's give someone else a chance. We already know we can't trust the incumbents with our tax money.

Turning the current Congress loose with the nation's tax dollars is like letting a weasel loose in the henhouse. A weasel will attack an animal much larger than itself and consumes a third or more of its own body weight each day. The weasel doesn't just kill what it needs to eat to stay alive. It ruthlessly destroys anything it can catch because it knows it will need more and more as each day goes by. It's time to eradicate the weasels from Congress.

Are you satisfied with the performance of the current lawmakers? Do your duty and vote next Tuesday. Let your vote make a difference.

Ervin I. Steele,

1700 Mass.

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