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November 1, 1990


To the Editor:

Consider the following questions regarding construction of a second Lawrence high school.

The school board reserves the power to change the school boundaries with only two meetings. Will this continuing change require students to transfer schools during their junior or senior years?

Will the old school soon become a vo-tech-oriented school and the new school a college preparatory school with students restricted by boundary limits?

What will happen to the "Pride of Lawrence High School Band" which has represented LHS and the community at the Portland Rose Festival and other invitational presentations, not to mention football and other sporting events?

Can students provided a 21-1 ratio in high school then adapt to a 300-l ration upon entering college?

Why to conserve taxes has the state put a hiring freeze on new professors in state colleges but Lawrence wants bonds for a new high school to further reduce teacher-student ratio?

When LHS was constructed in 1953-54, we were told the roof was designed and engineered to reduce remodeling costs and allow the school to expand upward. Will the new school construction plan likewise for future addition?

If you have unanswered questions about options, values and costs, rest assured you will have the opportunity to vote again on this issue, but at present, are you not being asked to vote for an unknown tax increase without any alternative proposal?

Vote No. and remember the watch word of the American Revolution: "United we stand divided we fall."

Christine E. Isern,

3521 W. 10th.

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