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November 1, 1990



Q. If elected, what will be your top three priorities for this office?

A. 1. Classification and reappraisal of the real estate taxes.

2. Equal treatment of school districts statewide.

3. Fiscal responsibilities of all state departments.

Q. Do you support action on the part of the state to reduce property taxes? How would you propose to make up lost revenues if property taxes are reduced?

A. Yes, homeowners and small businesses must have immediate relief.

Everyone uses services in our state and the fairest way is to collect a sales tax on goods and services. Some, but not all, services can and should collect and pay the sales tax to the school districts statewide.

Q. What restrictions, if any, should be placed on abortion in Kansas?

A. I am pro-life, the life of the unborn must be protected as well as the elderly, handicapped and others.

Q. The Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services is facing increased demands on its resources. How will the state be able to handle those demands? Do you think added tax revenues are needed, do you think eligibility requirements for some services need to be tightened, do you think some programs need to be eliminated or do you think no changes are needed?

A. 1. SRS is completely out of hand, it must be brought under control by the Legislature.

2. Eligibility requirements are a must. Too many move into the state because our requirements are less restrictive than some states.

3. I would need to study before I would recommend eliminating any programs.

Q. What do you think is the most pressing problem facing state universities? Do you think state universities are adequately funded, particularly in regard to faculty salaries?

A. 1. Money seems always the answer we have to problems. There is waste in our universities the same as elsewhere. Tighten our belts.

2. I am for the Margin of Excellence and the funding thereof. By far, the single most common complaint I hear from the students and parents is: Professors do not teach, they do research. Students, teachers and assistant professors do not speak English. We cannot understand them. We must fill these positions with teachers who can communicate. Reward the good faculty members.

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