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November 1, 1990


In this election, you won't pick a traditional candidate.

Douglas County District Judge Jean Shepherd, one of four judges in the 7th Judicial District, which is Douglas County, will be the only local judge listed on the ballot.

She's up for retention, a process by which voters will decide whether they want her to serve another four years.

There's no other candidate. District judges don't don't compete for their positions. In fact, the only choice voters will have is whether to mark a "yes" or "no" as to whether Shepherd should be retained in her job.

Voters opted in 1988 to retain the other three judges, Mike Malone, James W. Paddock and Ralph M. King Jr.

Shepherd was appointed in 1984 by former Gov. John Carlin to Division III of Douglas County District Court, a position left vacant by Mike Elwell, former associate district judge. She was the first and only woman to serve as a judge in the 7th District.

Before her appointment, Shepherd had been a member of the Barber, Emerson, Six, Springer and Zinn law firm since Jan. 1, 1981. Earlier, she had been a Douglas County assistant district attorney.

Shepherd received her law degree from Kansas University in 1977. She earned a bachelor's degree in English from KU in 1968 and taught for five years at Washington High School, Kansas City, Kan., before returning to KU to study law.

Shepherd and her husband, John Bork, have three sons.

Among her judicial duties, Shepherd conducts daily arraignment hearings, in which defendants make their first court appearances.

She also handles the county's juvenile court matters.

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