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November 1, 1990


To the Editor:

It was my privilege to serve as a commissioner of Douglas County 1969-77. During that time, a possible eastern bypass was exhaustively explored by KDOT and qualified consultants. Further consideration of that project came to a halt when officials determined that the projected exorbitant cost of the project could not be funded.

There is no reason at this time to consider an eastern bypass as an alternative to the south Lawrence trafficway for improving the traffic movement in Douglas County. The trafficway has been studied, approved and recommended by the commissions of Douglas County and the city of Lawrence, the Kansas Department of Transportation, the federal government and the Kansas Turnpike Authority.

A total of $37 million in federal, state and turnpike funds have been dedicated to the trafficway. This amounts to approximately 89 percent of the projected trafficway cost. Not one dime of that outside funding would be available for an eastern bypass project.

I urge you the citizens of Douglas County to vote for accepting this one-time bargain. If this bond issue should fail, the entire amount of the aforementioned committed funds will be lost. They may not be expended for any other project in Douglas County.

Arthur A. Heck,

1329 Kasold.

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