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May 17, 1990


— The Kansas Board of Regents today voted for the ninth consecutive year to raise tuition at state universities.

Resident undergraduates students enrolling at Kansas University in fall 1991 must come up with $631 a semester for tuition, which is a 3 percent or $18 increase from the Fall 1989 rate.

Out-of-state undergraduate students will have to dig deeper to pay $2,393 a semester. That reflects an increase of $218 or 10 percent over last fall's rate.

Graduate tuition in 1991-92 also will increase 3 percent for students who are Kansas residents and 10 percent for those who are not.

Tuition rates at KU, Wichita State University and Kansas State University will remain identical. Rates at the state's three smaller universities Emporia State, Pittsburg State and Fort Hays State also will remain identical.

Regent Robert Creighton strongly endorsed the rate hike but argued against raising tuition for in-state students even higher.

THE 1991-92 adjustment has been sharply criticized by the KU Student Senate, which passed a resolution calling for a tuition freeze.

Regent Rick Harman said peer institutions of regents universities raise millions more than Kansas schools raise annually in tuition revenue. Kansas rates should be much higher, he said.

"Before we stampede too hard that we don't need tuition increases, I think we need to be aware of this," Harman told the board.

Regents last year approved a tuition hike of 6 percent for in-state students and a 10 percent raise for non-residents for the 1990-91 year.

Assuming constant enrollments, the 1991-92 rates will generate $6.3 million in additional tuition revenue for all six universities.

Stanley Koplik, regents executive director, said the regents held the new increase for residents to 3 percent because of complaints that tuition was increasing too rapidly.

DURING THE 1980s, tuition rates in Kansas climbed more rapidly than economic indexes and federally funded student financial aid, he said.

Since 1987, the board has approved higher increases for non-residents to bring non-resident rates closer to those at peer universities.

Despite that, the board maintains that Kansas non-residents still pay 70 percent to 80 percent of the peer and national tuition averages.

Also today, regents were expected to raise KU student fees by $13 a semester and adopt new post-baccalaureate application fees for six academic units.

The fee changes, effective this fall, and application fees, effective July 1, are:

Student union building fee, raised by $2 to $22.50.

Student union renovation fee, raised by $6 to $18.50.

Women's and non-revenue sports activity fee, raised by $5 to $14.

Application fee for the School of Education programs, $20.

Application fee for the departments of communication studies, computer science, English, microbiology and psychology, $15.

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