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May 12, 1990


Some Douglas County property owners should be getting 1990 change of valuation notices in the mail as early as today.

Douglas County Appraiser Don Gordon said all of the change of value notices for residential and agricultural properties in the rural parts of the county were being mailed Friday.

"We are going to put 2,099 of those in the mail right after lunch," he said.

Gordon said he hopes to mail change of value notices for commercial properties and urban residential properties in another two weeks.

The appraiser's office had planned to mail all of the notices by April 30, but continuing problems with the computer software put the mailings behind schedule.

In all, less than a quarter of Douglas County property owners can expect to receive change of valuation notices.

The appraiser's office is required to physically inspect at least 25 percent of the property in the county each year to meet the state's goal of having all property values updated every four years. But the notices are sent only to inspected properties that have increased in value.

Property owners who disagree with the new valuations have 21 days after the mailing date of the change of value notice to request a hearing with the appraiser's office. If the matter isn't resolved at that level, the owner can request a hearing before county commissioners, who plan to convene as the Board of Equalization.

If property owners still aren't satisfied, they can take their case to the state Board of Tax Appeals.

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