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May 6, 1990


Spring cleaning swept into parts of Lawrence Saturday in an effort to beautify the city.

"Spring cleanups have a long tradition here," said Pat Marvin, the city's recycling coordinator and member of the East Lawrence Improvement Assn. "The reason it's so good to do a cleanup in the spring is because you've been inside all winter and you haven't been able to keep up with the litter.

"Another reason to do it is to make the city look good for all of the visitors we will be having for (Kansas University) graduation."

Marvin helped coordinate an area cleanup, which targeted the north bank of the Kansas River; Constant Park, located between the river and the Union Pacific railroad tracks north of Sixth and New Hampshire; and an area east of the Lawrence Riverfront Mall.

THE RIVER cleanup was sponsored by neighborhood organizations, businesses and conservation clubs.

The North Lawrence Improvement Assn. and the Pinckney Neighborhood Assn. also organized neighborhood cleanups on Saturday.

Bob Moody, president of the North Lawrence Improvment Assn., said the cleanup was a way for residents to get out in the warm weather and beautify the neighborhood.

"We like to hold the cleanup whenever it gets warm," he said. "It's good to get it done, whenever we can get it together."

Moody said North Lawrence usually has a spring and a fall cleanup. This year also is the second year in a row the association has used a chipping machine to convert brush and dead tree limbs into composting material.

THE MACHINE travels through the neighborhood, stopping to collect the material, which is later distributed for free to any North Lawrence resident who wants composting material. Separated, recyclable materials also are picked up as part of the cleanup.

Suzanne Perry, president of the Pinckney Neighborhood Assn., said volunteers pick up trash and recyclable materials as part of the neighborhood cleanup.

"We ask everyone to separate the recyclables and we are able to use the money for our treasury," she said.

Perry said Pinckney Neighborhood uses a chipping machine during the organization's fall cleanup.

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